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20 October 2023
The Pinnacle of Luxury: Makarem Hotels in Makkah

When one speaks of performing the Hajj or Umrah, they are referring to fulfilling one of the most revered obligations and spiritual journeys in the Islamic faith. For the multitude that throng to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) every year, finding a place that resonates with both the sanctity of the pilgrimage and the comfort of luxury becomes paramount. And it is here, in the heart of Makkah, that the Makarem group of hotels stands tall, offering a sublime mix of luxury and tradition.

A Haven of Luxurious Comfort

Makarem luxurious hotel rooms are not just accommodations; they are experiences in themselves. Whether you're a solo traveler or accompanied by family, the Makarem hotels have intricately crafted each room and suite to cater to your unique needs. The premium furnishings and lavish interiors evoke a sense of grandeur that few other establishments can match. Each room, be it the Deluxe Suite at Makarem Ajyad or the Standard Twin Room at Makarem Umm Al Qura, reflects a dedication to providing guests with unparalleled comfort. From the stunning lobby to the functional work areas for those who need it, every detail is impeccably thought-out.

Makarem Ajyad Hotel Makkah: A blend of authentic Saudi heritage and modern spirit on Ajyad street, Makkah.

Nestled a short walk from the revered Holy Mosque and the iconic clock tower, Makarem Ajyad is a beacon of luxury. Each room type, from the grandeur of the Royal Suite and Deluxe Suite to the cozy confines of the Superior Double Room, offers an ambiance infused with tradition while not skimping on modern luxuries.

-           Deluxe Suite: Large area with one king bed and three single beds.

-           Family Suite: Seating area, 4 comfortable beds and a dining table.

-           Royal Suite: Luxuriously furnished sitting room with dining table and one king bed.

-           Junior Suite: Spacious seating area and dining table, and one king bed.

-           Premium Suite: 79 m2 and a king bed with a seating area.

-           Superior Triple Room: Sumptuous furnishing of 3 single beds and oriental artwork.

-           Superior Quadruple Room: 4 beds, oriental artwork, and a private bathroom.

-           Superior King Room: King bed, work area, and a private bathroom.

-           Superior Double Room: Views of the holy city, 2 king beds, and a seating area.

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Makarem Umm Al-Qura Hotel Makkah: A symbol of Arabian hospitality on Ajyad street, Makkah.

Makarem Umm Al Qura marries modern accommodations with the warmth of traditional Arabian hospitality. Proximity to the Great Mosque makes its rooms, like the Junior Suite and Standard Twin Room, a prime choice for pilgrims. Larger groups or families might gravitate towards the Standard Quadruple Room and Standard Triple Room.

-           Junior Suite: 44 sqm, with a seating area, a king sized bed, and a minibar.

-           Standard Quadruple Room: 4 single beds, satellite TV, a minibar and a desk.

-           Standard Triple Room: 21 m2 with 3 single beds, ideal for small families and groups.

-           Standard Twin Room: 21 m2 with 2 single sized beds and a seating area.

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Makarem Mina Hotel Makkah: The Finest Hospitality Services in Al-Aziziyah, Makkah.

Makarem Mina Hotel offers pilgrims the finest and comprehensive hospitality services. The Junior Suite room offers a luxurious experience, while the Standard Twin Plus Room is perfect for those seeking a touch of extra space. Families often opt for the Standard Quadruple Room and Standard Triple Room for their generous proportions and thoughtful interiors.

-           Junior Suite Room: 45m2 and a king or twin bed, a seating area and a dining area.

-           Standard Quadruple Room: 33m2 with 4 single beds, and a seating area.

-           Standard Triple Room: 3 single beds, walk in shower, and working area.

-           Standard Twin Plus Room: 2 single beds and a seating area ideal for couples or individuals.

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Makarem Al-Bait Hotel Makkah: A Serene Spiritual Refuge in Al-Aziziyah Area, Makkah.

Situated in the serene Aziziya area, a mere minutes’ drive from AL Masjid Al Haram, Makarem Al-Bait offers a tranquil escape. The rooms, from the elegant Junior Suite to the spacious Standard Quadruple Room, exude a charm that's hard to find elsewhere.

-           Junior Suite: Seating area, working area, minibar, walk in shower, and a dining table.

-           Standard Quadruple Room: Family friendly, 25m2 with 4 single beds, a seating area.

-           Standard Triple Room: 20m2 guest room with 3 single beds, a work desk and a bathroom.

-           Standard Twin Room: 2 single beds ideal for couples, a seating area, and a work area.

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Unparalleled Amenities

Every hotel within the Makarem Group aims to provide the necessary comforts to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of guests. The restaurants in Makarem Hotels offer a diverse range of local and international cuisines. They also stand out for providing meeting and conference rooms in Makkah, equipped with the latest facilities.

In short, Makarem Hotels in Makkah are sanctuaries of luxury, not just places for relaxation. They are carefully designed to provide spiritual and physical comfort. For pilgrims and visitors from around the world, Makarem ensures that their journey is unforgettable and accompanies an unparalleled luxury experience, all in the heart of Makkah.


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These establishments include Makarem Ajyad Makkah, plus a number of other hotels across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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