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Saudi Arabia which accounts for two-thirds of the Arabian Peninsula enjoys extensive cultural and historic depth, offering tourists the chance to explore the Kingdom’s hidden treasures – Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, vibrant local culture and breathtaking natural beauty. A unique travel destination for centuries, endowed with rich Bedouin heritage, the Kingdom offers a myriad of tourism services and activities, from religious tourism to visiting archaeological sites and soaring sandstone mountains and resorts. These include the ancient ruins and Nabatean tombs in Madaín Saleh, renowned for its natural beauty and heritage value, the Zamzam Well, the Great Mosque of Makkah - Masjid el Haram and the blissful Mount Arafat.

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Masjid el Haram or The Great Mosque of Mecca

The second largest building and most grandiose mosque in the world, surrounding the Holy Kaaba and providing a universal roof for all Muslims to perform Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages. The Masjid’s history capitalizes the victorious return of Prophet Mohammed’s to Makkah as the spiritual nucleus of Islam.

Mount Arafat (also known as Mount of Mercy)

A core part of Islamic pilgrimage, stands tall at 70 m height, with a glorious and eternal granite formation 20 km away from Makkah. The hill has witnessed Prophet Muhammad’s Farewell Sermon to his companions during Hajj by the end of his life, and holds the symbol of forgiveness and mercy.

Ancient Ruins of Madaín Saleh

One of the Kingdom’s national treasures located northwest of Saudi Arabia, surrounded with carved palaces, temples, tombs and stables from the soft ornamented facades of the Nabatean stone cliffs marking the first Saudi site listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its historical significance.

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Jabal Al Thawr

The mountain which accommodates the cave in which the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and Abu Bakr sought refuge from Quraysh, as they left Makkah and emigrated to Madinah. Travelers who do make the steep climb to Thawr's summit are rewarded with panoramic views and a peek inside the cave.

Zamzam Well

Located around 20 meters away from the Kaaba, the Zamzam well is a famous destination for pilgrims who visit it to drink from the holy water. It is believed to be the oldest well on earth, as water has been flowing there for 5000 years.

Madinah Museum
Dar Al Medina Museum

The first and largest specialized museum of history and cultural heritage of Medina , and the landmark for visitors and researchers to learn more about the life of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him), Islamic civilization and Madina’s urban culture.


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