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Makarem Launches "Safe Stay" Program
8 June 2021
Makarem Launches “Safe Stay” Program

Stepping into a new territory might seem uncomfortable to many, and we perfectly understand this impression. Our vision comprises a brighter outlook as we regard this challenge is an opportunity for us to confirm our commitment to being with you every step of the way, to declare our dedication to your safety without compromising your comfort, and to fulfill our promise of a seamless accommodation experience, the true Saudi way.

We are eager to welcome you again at our hotels and serve with our usual remarkable hospitality standards encompassing comfort and safety, and have spared no effort, trained our staff, partnered with global names, and aligned our regimens to global hygiene standards. In fact, I am not just reassured, but also confident that we will rise above the challenge and far beyond all expectations. After all, your trust is well worth all the effort.” - Hassan Ahdab, President of Hotel Operations.

We are preparing to welcome you back soon at all our properties once the movement controls are lifted. Starting the end of May, the General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) allowed the resumption of domestic flights, while the Ministry of Interior has begun gradually relaxing the curfew on several public activities in all regions, except for the city of Makkah where the lockdown measures will be eased at a later time.

Throughout the turbulent times the world has witnessed, we have worked relentlessly to develop plans to rise to the new challenge with your wellbeing at the heart of our focus. We delightfully declare that we are geared for the upcoming new era and we promise to create a clean and healthy environment and accommodate your safe stay at Makarem Hotels, ensuring the utmost hygiene expectations.

Preparing Our Staff

Makarem Hotels has always been ardent to stay abreast of the latest hotel industry developments, keeping its staff posted on the updates in redefining the best practices and protocols of cleaning and safety standards in the world of hospitality.

Over the past three months and despite the lockdown, our personnel were actively engaging in best-in-class trainings developed to the new norm of operations to support the welcoming of guests back across our hotels and restaurants.

Makarem is partnering with internationally acclaimed training and consultancy firm, Lobster Ink to build its workforce capabilities on the essential requirements of the new era. Our team additionally received targeted training by global hygiene technologies leader, Ecolab, highlighting restructured best practices in food and lodging, including sessions on food safety, disinfection and sanitization.

Product Upgrade

Pursuing its decade-long commitment to provide its guests with a rewarding experience, Makarem Hotels continues to pursue partnerships that would enable it to make a rapid adjustment in line with the most recent recommended practices in the global industry.

We have partnered with leading global providers of cleaning and hygiene solutions and consultancy services, Diversey and Ecolab, aiming to upgrade the cleaning products used to enable the optimum implementation of new hygiene standards in our hotels.

Our sanitization teams will use Ecolab’s wide range of detergents and cleaning products, approved by the US-based Center for Biocide Chemistries as effective in countering COVID-19. Among these are several types of bleach disinfectants used for cleaning different surfaces, restroom cleaners and germicidal detergents, and antiseptic sanitizers.

Certified Clean

While we continue to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness throughout our operations, we have introduced rigorous protocols in line with the WHO recommendations and the guidelines of the local public health authorities, as well as updated procedures that intend to ensure minimal direct contact with front desks and public-use facilities.

Our front office, check-in check-out procedures will ensure the highest hygiene standards are observed. In addition to equipping common areas with hand sanitizer stations, all public-use areas and amenities, including elevators, lounges, and recreational facilities will undergo an intensive disinfection schedule and a daily deep-cleaning regimen throughout all guest rooms and updated guidelines in the restaurants for extra hygiene.

Our sanitizing and sterilizing operations will also be inspected by a third-party accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Health and authorized to issue a ‘cleanliness certification’ to each of our properties prior to recommencing operations.

Focused on our mission to keep our guests and our staff safe at any cost, we have formulated an agile plan and deployed a new monitoring system to guarantee the effective implementation of all safety standards and precautions across all hotel sections.

Following through with our dogma that prioritizes the wellbeing of our guests, Makarem staff are wholeheartedly committed to implementing the best practices and going above and beyond to ensure that the whole Makarem community is safe. We are ready to offer you a trusted accommodation in a healthy surrounding where you can enjoy a safe and memorable stay.

For more information on the COVID-19 regulations and updates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, please visit Ministry of Health , Ministry of Interior, Visit Saudi, General Authority of Civil Aviation or Saudi Center for Disease Prevention and Control.


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